1. Rangie working its magic. Tarmac, snow, gravel or sand - take your pick and bring it on.


  2. Dedicated button for the glove compartment of the Range Rover Sport. A neat touch, we admit.


  3. Top mounted air con vents - the only saving grace for Toyota’s Avanza.


  4. Now even Ferrari is playing with perfection - the super car that can do everything well. Can we complain? We shouldn’t, this is progress. But where does that leave the driver?


  5. The E60 M5 was an unloved car, especially in new emerging markets with consumers who just want a fuss-free, easy to drive car that can go fast. They got it with the F10 M5 which is now lapped up like wine. The E60 M5 is not that at all - naturally aspirated V10 required commitment to wring out all of its power and its gearbox tested one’s patience - but when placed on a right road it elicits a bigger smile than the new F10.


  6. Mercedes AMG stuck to the naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 for the SLS AMG, and we say all the better for it. The sound alone is worth the price of admission. Although we do wonder - how much better would the SLS AMG be received if it had a twin-turbo V8? Surely that is in the cards for the future car.


  7. The Mk6 body shell never really lightened up our hearts in the design department, although this murdered-out example does seem to add some sparkle to an otherwise dull design.


  8. Although on paper the Golf R may appear to be the superior car in traction and grip, it is the Scirocco R that Lenspeed prefers due to its true-to-form LSD and FWD madness that contrasts with the benign Golf R.


  9. quattro trying to work its magic along one of Monaco’s many turns.


  10. Der neue S-Klass already out and about.